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Final Report

Wyoming County Heart & Soul is excited to share our Community Action Report: “Your VOICE: Vision, Opportunity, Inclusion,

Collaboration, Education.”

This document is the culmination of more than two years of research.

It summarizes our findings and provides a map for community planning. We do not take the credit for completing these community projects, but rather, provide the data, connections, and collaborations to help turn your ideas into reality. By sharing what we’ve learned, we hope to foster understanding and collaboration among our public, our partners, and our leaders.

Wyoming County Heart & Soul ACTION REPORT 2024

Who We Are

Goal: Uniting all our communities in a kaleidoscope of Wyoming
County Heart & Soul


Purpose: Putting our residents first in community development
and planning processes


Vision: Creating a community project determined by the desires of our residents in order to make Wyoming County an even better place to live, work and play

Wyoming County Proud

“Our vision is to create a community project that is determined by the desires of anyone who lives, works, and/or plays in Wyoming County! We believe that resident-driven data drives county-wide decision making. Your voice is valuable in this process, so please take a few moments to complete our brief survey. We want to know what you love about Wyoming County, and what you think could make it even better!”

About Us

“The true beauty of Wyoming County lies not in one specific area but in a colorful combination of residents of rural towns and neighborhoods united in the single splendor of a Kaleidoscope of Communities.”

Our Purpose

Community Heart & Soul overarching goal: “Uniting all our communities in a kaleidoscope of
Wyoming County Heart & Soul.”
Our overarching goal reveals the heart behind this project. We hope this two-year project will
serve the members of Wyoming County (those who live, work, and play here) by listening to
their needs and involving them in decision-making processes. We want to build engagement not
just in each individual town, but in the county as a whole. We believe this will accomplish a
more socially, culturally, and economically vibrant community, and establish a stronger sense of
Wyoming County pride!

The Heart & Soul behind Heart & Soul​

Uniting all our communities in a kaleidoscope of Wyoming County Heart & Soul.”

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