Wyoming County

Heart & Soul

Kaleidoscope of Communites

Celebrating Wyoming County’s friendly small-town communities, embracing our peaceful rural culture, heritage, nature and recreation.

Community Heart & Soul

The true beauty of Wyoming County lies not in one specific area but in a colorful combination of residents of rural towns and neighborhoods united in the single splendor of a Kaleidoscope of Communities.

Who Are We?

Who We Are: A dedicated group of volunteers from across Wyoming County, including organization members and local residents, who are working on a long term vision for our community. We want to know what people love about Wyoming County and hear what they hope for in the future.


Vision: The information we collect from our community will be used to develop Heart & Soul statements focused on what matters most to those who live, work and play in Wyoming County. These statements will then guide future decisions we make as a community.

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The Heart & Soul behind Heart & Soul

Uniting all our communities in a kaleidoscope of Wyoming County Heart & Soul.”

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